Vision in White - Nora Roberts (#1 The Bride Quartet)

Vision in White - Nora Roberts

Vision in White - Nora Roberts (#1 The Bride Quartet)


Love the Author. Some of her books I can't like, but most of the are winners. She is extremely witty and they tend to be feel good novels. This first book in The Bride Quartet Series was light and fun. Totally wanted to slap Mac's mom (all the time!) But loved the plot, setting & characters (Parker is still gets a frown from me, can't decide)


Mackensie & Carter


Mac is all over the place when it comes to her personal life, but there are no room for grey areas or drama in her professional life. This poor girl just has drama drama drama. When she thinks it's all getting better another problem arises! Love her get down to business attitude! 


Carter seems like a awkward dorky nerd in the beginning, took me some time liking him. But once you start you can't stop. An actual sweetie pie :) Very calm collected reserved level headed bloke. Can defuse Mac's freak outs easily and Hallelujah this guy actually pays attention to detail and when you talk to him! :) Only in fairy tales :)


Good Easy Funny Read, you kept waiting for something dark and terrible to happen and I find myself thankful that it did not.


Well Done!