Devil Water, Anya Seton.

Devil Water (Rediscovered Classics) - Philippa Gregory, Anya Seton

Devil Water, Anya Seton.

- Biography of Jacobite James Radcliff, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater, Dilston, Northumberland. 1689-1716, Royal Tudor & Stuart Lineage to King James 1688-1766 and Bonny Prince Charlie Stuart 1720-1788


- Biography of Jacobite Charles Radcliff, titular 5th Earl of Derwentwater, Dilston, Northumberland. 1693-1746, Brother to James Radcliff.


- Biography of Jane (Jenny) Radcliff. Daughter of Charles Radcliff, titular 5th Earl of Derwentwater, Dilston, Northumberland. Relocated to Snowdon located on the James River, Virginia, North Carolina.


Jacobite Uprising to restore a Stuart King the the throne of England: To me it seems like unnecessary killings and lives wasted for something they were not at all sure will ever happen. But it was more than just restoring one person to a throne. It was about England and Scotland. It was about the people, the way of life and the future of a nation. They gave up everything for this cause. They neglected there homes, families, never saw their wives, never knew their children, often not even knowing if they were still alive. Everything revolved around their rightful King.


I dare not criticize this book or author on characters, plot or settings because it was real. Real people, real lives, real hurt, real hardship and real loyalty to King and Religion. I can however say the first couple of chapters were crammed way too full with all the people and places and relations to each other. It was just a difficult read until she started focusing on the main characters.


I must commend Anya Seton on a job extremely well done. I can only guess what hard work went into this book to get all the facts together and to try and paint a picture for the reader with limited information about numerous chapters in the character's lives. Not to mention the effort she problably went to to make this a story, not just a boring diary about someone's life 296 odd years ago.


Reading this book is hard workat first, but I would definitely read it over and over.