Donna Fletcher - Loved by a Warrior

Loved By a Warrior - Donna Fletcher

LOVE LOVE LOVE Donna Fletcher! Always a must read Author

Reeve & Tara
I love the plot, setting and characters. Love the dynamics of the McAlpin Brothers, funloving, teasing, chivalrous, determined, serious, honorable and they all seem delectable :)

I need to mention the wonderful mommy Mara again. Getting to know her boys makes me see what a wonderful influence she has had on her boys and how she shaped the perfect men I would marry :)
I am going to keep listing their qualities and they all have the same, but its so rare these days i really need to keep listing them.

Reeve is my favourite brother so far. ;) He is fun, teasing, passionate, friendly, caring, strong, funny, determined and always has a smile on his face - ooh there are so many qualities, I would deffinately chose this brother.

Tara has the strongest will power i have ever seen. Boy i would have folded a long time ago with a guy like that!! Jeepers. One tough cookie. Love her innocence and fun loving nature, the caution had me frustrated at times. :)

I might be wrong but my money is on Duncan being the Rightful King of Scotland, allthough I love love love me some Reeve. :) The Saga Continues