Donna Fletcher - Bound to a Highland Warrior

Bound to a Warrior - Donna Fletcher

Love Love Love Donna Fletcher!! Always a must read Author!


Duncan & Mercy,

Loved the plot, setting & characters. Love the dynamics of the McAlpin brothers. Teasing, funloving, serious, caring, loving, just great clan to be around.

Love Mara the mommy, perfect personality for all those rough boys in her house.


Duncan is sweet, chivalrous, caring, nurturing, protective, prowess, valour, honorable and oh so delicious. Love how he always thinks of Mercy first. He is very attentive and observant.


Mercy is determined, strong, passionate, wise, stubborn and trusts Duncan with her life from the very start. Love the story line. Love their way of solving grouchy feelings :) I will definately implement that!!


Is Duncan the Next King of Scotland?? I cant wait to read the next book!!