Phililppa Gregory - Wideacre (Book 1)

Wideacre (Wideacre, #1) - Philippa Gregory

Insane! First chapters are a well written but difficult read. I battled to get into the book. I dont know why exactly.

Had to constantly remind myself in what era this was. It was hard and raw and unforgiving and a survival of the fittest era. The past was not always romance and roses and courting and pretty stories. This book is the perfect example.


Did not like Harry or the mom much, but that was the point. You understand the Mom better when Bea says something in the book and you have a ja benefit of the doubt moment. Ralph gave me the creeps and had the fear factor with all the intensity and stuff but that was also the point. Cecilia was like mousey and feeble. Very gullable and naive, the kind of person i just want to shake so they might wake up or something.


Beatrice Lacey i still cant get to the bottom of how i feel about her character. I thought her to be aloof and cold to everyone and everything, except her bond with Wideacre, and her actions unforgivable. But to live in a Male dominant society and the survivial of the fittest being reserved for men, you can actually believe her doing these things to ensure a future for Wideacre land and you find yourself rooting for her, and then she does something again and you're back to not being able to like or forgive her.


BUT With a Wideacre heir like Harry no wonder she went all cray-cray. Still, i dont know what to think about the whole book.

- The easiest way to describe it is like if you are in an ancient cathedral or castle grounds and you can feel the vibes so strongly. Its like hardship and regret and love and nature and energy and sorrow and tears and awe and hard to breathe and triumph and dissappoiontment all at the same time.

I might be able to give a better review once i've read all 3 books.


Starting the second book now and also find the start hard, but Wideacre certainly picked up to the end of the first quarter of the book. . . Lets see!