Donna Fletcher - A Warrior's Promise

A Warrior's Promise - Donna Fletcher

 LOVE Donna Fletcher! Ill forever buy very book she writes :)


Bryce & Charlotte 

Love the mischief and madness and mayhem. Love their dynamics, how they sort out problems and handle conflict.


Bryce reminds me of an boyfriend I once had. :/ Imagine that! So I can't give a good character review on him Sorry about that. There are traits he has that are worth mentioning though: Gentle, tough, caring, sweet, brave, courageous, formidable, reliable, fierce, passionate & protective. Wish I never happened upon the connection between his character and my ex, would have loved to get to know Bryce better. 


Fearsome Charlotte is one tough cookie! Stubborn, Opinionated, Forever Curious, Chatty, extremely intelligent, Bold, Daring, Obstinate & Witty. Born fighter, Fierce, Loyal, Determined, Courageous Warrior. All in all, a force to be reckoned with! 


I love the theme, plot, setting, writing style and Characters of this series. I would have liked to still have an emotional connection with the previous two couples. I feel they were almost avoided in this book. Mara and Carmag also had an evident bypass in this novel. Hope the reason for this becomes clear n the next and last book :( so sad to finish a series!